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Despite Losing Strong Loyalist, Abe Stands His Ground In Face-Off With Amaechi



By Emmanuel Aziken

All Progressives Congress, APC chieftain in Rivers State, Senator Magnus Abe has accepted with calmness the decision of one of his major political pillars, Chief Peter Odike to dump him in favour of reconciliation with the Rotimi Amaechi led leadership of the party in the state.

Chief Odike who was until recently the chairman of the Abe led faction of the party in the state state had following the appointment of a caretaker committee surrendered his position in favour of reconciliation.

Odike had followed up by vowing to have a reconciliatory meeting with Amaechi.

Abe, however, was unmoving on Friday saying in a statement that while he recognized the decision of his ally to dump him for Amaechi but that he would continue to stand on the issues which caused the crisis in the state chapter of the party.

Commenting on the message posted by former APC Chairman, Chief Peter Odike on social media platforms, Abe stated on his Facebook account that by accepting the establishment of the caretaker committee, Odike has voluntarily vacated the position of chairman, which is within his rights as a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He further stated that Odike’s decision to join the Amaechi’s group is personal to him.

The Senator said: “Chief Odike called us all to a meeting yesterday (11/9/2019). He arranged the meeting, the draft notice of meeting he sent to me and others have been widely circulated.

“If he was of the view that the kind of reconciliation he has embraced will benefit all members and work for the good of the APC in Rivers State, he had the option of coming to the meeting he called to share his reasons and convince the rest of us.

“He chose to exercise his legitimate right to decide for himself alone, we should bear him no grudge. Those of us who participated in the stakeholders meeting of our party have taken a decision not to accept the caretaker committee and not to participate in the Congress until the fundamental issues that predicated the crisis in the party are addressed.

“We stand by that decision. In any case, any resolution as a result of intimidation or inducement may fool us into a false sense of victory but it will not fool the public.

“Our objective is to build a party that will respect the voices and feelings of its members and enjoy the confidence of the voting public. A party that will positively affect the life of its members and deliver victory in our state.

“We remain committed to that vision and we urge all members of the APC who believe in a truly united and victorious Party to stay the course, the road may be long, and the challenges tiresome but victory is sure,” Abe maintained.

He thanked all those who have chosen to invest in the struggle even in the face of grave difficulties, temptations and challenges adding, “let us reserve our strength for the greater challenges that still lie ahead”.

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