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Oshiomhole Mocks Obaseki, Shaibu, Says They Can’t Win Thier Wards



NATIONAL Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has mocked Governor Godwin Obaseki and his deputy, Comrade Philip Shaibu of lacking political clout and losing their polling booths in the recent presidential elections.

Debunking claims by the pair and their associates that the ongoing revolution against him was what they learnt from him in fighting godfathers, Oshiomhole said that what he taught them was rather the politics of convictions which according to him they lack.

He said that the governor and his deputy have rather resorted to crushing their rivals.

This was the first open attack of the national chairman on Obaseki though he had in the past hit at Shaibu who had in the past been regarded as his godson.

Oshiomhole spoke in a television programme at the weekend.

“I have read them severally saying that I taught them all they are doing today. This is laughable because I never taught them how to lose elections. As we speak today, the governor (Obaseki) lost his ward, Local Government and senatorial district in the last Presidential election. As we speak, the governor is being represented by the PDP in his Federal constituency and senatorial district. These in my view were early morning signals about need to change tactics., stop threatening people, saying you will crush, who are you crushing?

“But I won my entire senatorial district for Mr President and I am being represented by an APC senator and House of Representatives. Then his Deputy Philip, in Jattu where he comes from, in his polling booth where he and his family voted, Philip Shaibu lost. He lost his booth during his own governorship election in which he was standing as Deputy governorship candidate. So if he learnt from me, he should have learnt well because I never lost election in my village.

“There is no body in my village who can work against me because when I go home I relate with them, I am an ordinary man. You see when you have power and you don’t use it you are even more powerful. And you must know when to talk tough and when to talk soft. When I am in my village I am just like an ordinary man. I argue and play with my people. The only man that was doing PDP in my village, the youths said how can he be doing PDP but I said no, you have to persuade him to join us.

“And today that young man is one of my PAs. So he (Philip) is one of my very poor students, Kakhi is not a lesson and fighters must be tactful and strategic. No sensible man will fight people who vote for them. Those they are fighting now, some of them delivered 95 per cent of the votes in their units while they lost their own areas” he said.

Regretting that Governor Obaseki and his deputy have unleashed mayhem on APC members in Edo state, Oshiomhole narrated that “Even a professional fighter you choose your fight. The other day when Shaibu led thugs to my village with Okada riders and he said during my court case Okada people were following us. It shows how poorly he can interpret situations. Did we ever use Okada riders to intimidate ACN elements then, never.

“And those Okada riders were not hired by me, they bought into my vision. They heard of me as President of NLC and on that basis they all voted for me, so when I was rigged out they took the fight to the PDP. The problem is that Philip does not know the difference between family disagreement that can be settled through conversation and political opponents that need to be fought and defeated. But even my language is defeat my opponent and not crush my party members.

“It is only Philip and his boss that talk about crushing APC members. If you become a crushing machine and God enables you to crush your people who will you govern assuming you win. When elections start between us and PDP unleash that energy, you cannot possibly be making electoral sense by using your office or position to attack, brutalize and intimidate and even lie against your party members. And all I have tried to do is to tell him (Obaseki) that you will never have a political party that looks like a golf course.

“So the minimum requirement of political leadership is to be able to deal with all kinds of characters, use them to get what you want. And I said to him, you have to manage these people because for me as long as they deliver their units on the day of election you have to manage them. In my first term election when I didn’t know the politicians too well, I won Oredo, Egor, Ikpoba Okhai, we were only rigged out in Ovia and Orhiomwon in 2007.

“It is those Benin votes and the small we got from Edo North that we used to defend my mandate in court. Look at the way they humiliated Ogbemudia’s daughter for refusing to abuse me, the woman only said I cannot abuse Comrade rather as a mother I will join hands to settle the dispute between you people. But they said they don’t want settlement they want to crush. Three days later they crushed the woman by suspending her as chairman of Egor Local Government.

“Then why do you now want to distort the system by creating so called new political structure, is there a structural defect? He said he will retire all the politicians but I said to him will you retire somebody you did not hire. Most of these politicians I met them in the business. I had to go to their houses to convince them I wanted their support and when they gave me that support I worked hard to appreciate them. So, if this is being foolish I want to remain foolish. As long as they work for me and Edo remains the only state in the South South that we have APC.”

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