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ABU Authorities Called Out Over Denial Of Admission To Brilliant Applicant



The authorities of the Ahmadu Bello University, ABU Zaria have been called out following the denial of admission to a lady who performed excellently in her JAMB exams and the university’s entrance exam.

No reason was given for the denial of admission to Miss Goodness Thomas who 302 in the JAMB exams and had 6 As in her school certificate exams.

In a Facebook post titled “Injustice to one is injustice to all” Sporting Solo, a journalist said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, meet Goodness Thomas the Valedictorian of St. Clement Secondary School, Gbaiko Minna, Niger State for year 2019.

“This girl here scored 302 in her JAMB, 278 in Post UTME at the ABU Zaria. She has 6 A1s in her WAEC yet ABU Zaria denied her admissions to study her course of choice, Medicine and Surgery.

“My question is, who were those admitted? What did they score? How many of those people scored 300+ in JAMB? Goodness is just another victim of Nigeria’s preference for mediocrity in disguise of quota system. If we must make meaningful progress as a nation, we must begin to encourage excellence.

“It was her birthday yesterday and as her former teacher, I felt obliged to let the world know for this injustice. I believe that Social Media can be a tool for positive change.

“I therefore, call on the management of the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria to review this case and grant her the admission she deserves or at least tell the public what their admission criteria is for the Medicine and Surgery department of their school.”

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