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COVID-19: Buhari’s Negative Result Calls For Rejoicing – Adesina



The negative outcome of the Coronavirus test on President Muhammadu Buhari calls for rejoicing, Special Adviser to the president on media and publicity, Femi Adesina has said.

Speaking to State House correspondents, Adesina also said that the recent ban on AIT from the presidential villa was meant to enable social distancing among the Press Corps in the villa.

Adesina when asked to confirm the president’s negative result threw back the question to the reporter saying who responding that it was negative, siad

“Good. So that calls for rejoicing with him. Anybody that does the test and test negative we will rejoice with that person. 

“And anybody that does it and test positive, it’s not a death sentence. We also would pray along with the person, give the person our good will and best wishes and they will surely come out of it. 

“Even the index case in Nigeria recovered and has been discharged. So God that has shown us mercy thus far and will continue to show that mercy. Anybody that test positive is not a dead sentence, they will be attended to, they will be tested and they will be fine.”

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