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Ibiyeomie, Eneche Under Pressure To Apologise To Daddy Freeze



Emmnauel Adigwe

Pastors who have been on the attack against media personality, Daddy Freeze have been put on the spot after the critic apologized for his insults directed against Bishop David Oyedepo.

GWG recalls that Daddy Freeze has been in the news recently as Pastor Ibiyeomie the founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt and Pastor Dr, Paul Eneche, Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre have both called out Daddy Freeze for his constant attacks on Bishop Oyedepo. Pastor Ibiyeomie had called Daddy Freeze a “Somali bastard” and Dr Eneche had called the media personality a mad dog with bipolar.

Also, a recent video emerged online where Daddy Freeze was seen insulting Bishop Oyedepo. This video made the popular broadcaster apologize.

However, his apology has elicited another issue on social media as some Nigerians feel that Pastor Ibiyeomie should also apologize too and that pastors overreacted to the issue.

GWG presents some of their views below:

Kelvin Odanz@MrOdanz wrote: “All of you have Pastors today because of men like Martin Luther who stood up to the almighty pope and the doctrines of the Catholic church. If Daddy Freeze (a Christian) criticizes your Pastor, focus more on the context of his criticism and not defending your almighty pastor.”

Ayekooto@DeeOneAyekooto wrote: “All those Pastors that were attacking and cursing GMB for ages, including their Bishop who, on the altar, called GMB the borrowed ‘man from Sudan’ (implying that real GMB was dead in London) without GMB uttering a word talkless of calling them names in anger or retaliation  are now mad at Daddy Freeze for merely making jest of one of them. You see life and how God can use the most stupid thing of this world to confound the so called wise? Now tell me, whose response, to unkind attacks, between GMB and these guys, can be described as Christlike?”

Baba SERÌKÍ @OGCarterMillz wrote: “Let’s not go far. Jesus Christ himself was (and is still) seen as a rebel by the Jews. He spoke against their practices, malpractices and garnered followers. today, we have christianity. Look at Christians attacking Daddy Freeze for the same thing Jesus did.”

ifeoma Stella @Adabiafra1@ifeomaStellaAd1 wrote: “

Biggest problem facing Nigerian Christians for the past 4days now is Daddy Freeze. Not the incessant killing of Christians across the nation. Not the hiking price in fuel pump. Not the excessive power supply tariff. Not the increase in unemployment. Not the deathtrap roads.”

Kofo Kiki’s Dad™@KushAlabi wrote: “When last did a tailor advise a surgeon how to operate? | Pastor Enenche in Daddy Freeze’s comments on  Oyedepo, and other pastors.”

Joyce chom@JoyceChom wrote: “This Daddy freeze need to stop at this point. It’s OK!!!

Jaunty Allure@JuiceJuliet wrote: “Daddy freeze is a mad boy. And whoever that is supporting this his azy behavior (act) is also a mad person.”

Person Pikin@Vicx_Rhymes wrote: “To those trolling Pastors with SSCE, BSC and ND results. Upgrade first before we can talk. Dr. Paul Eneche told Daddy Freeze nothing but the truth…!!!”

DavidCrown® of @DavidCrownTM wrote: “Thank you Daddy Freeze for taking the mature route- apologising for insults on the Person of Bishop Oyedepo 3yrs ago, whilst maintaining your stand on doctrinal matters. On this, you have done well. Hopefully, others who engaged in attacks on personality rather than issues will.”

Apst Johnson Suleman@APOSTLESULEMAN wrote: “Just watched the video of ifedayo olarinde(daddy freeze)apologizing to Papa oyedepo over the video he did 2yrs ago.he equally did videos against me,I 4gave bcos the bible enjoins us to forgive..that’s what is expected of can criticize but don’t insult.”

Wale Gates@walegates wrote: “Pastor Ibiyeomie. Whatever you think about Daddy Freeze, and I have my issues with him. One of the good things he’s been able to achieve is to demystify these gods of men. Little pressure and their unchrist-like nature shines thru. So ‘broadcaster’ no bi work again?”

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