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FBI Specialist Details How Hushpuppi Made Billions



By Ayodele Oluwafemi

More revelations of cyber fraud activities allegedly carried out by Instagram celebrity, Ramon Abass popularly known as Hushpuppi have been revealed.

It was alleged that Hushpuppi used his personal email to register on Whizzlog, a web marketplace for buying US bank logs and money laundering.

This was contained in a recent affidavit filed by Andrew John Innocenti of the Federal Burea of Investigations (FBI), who specialises in cyber-enabled fraud and Business Email Compromise (BEC) schemes, before the United States District Court, Central District of California, on September 14.

In the document, Hushpuppi was alleged to have made confirmations and receipts of banks from Whizzlog, which contained his registration email address for the purpose of money laundering.

The officer wrote, “In reviewing data from ABASS email address (, I found ABBAS registered on a website“whizzlog”) which is a market place for buying US Banklogs and money laundering.

“Based on my training and experiences, Cyber criminals refer to bank account login details as bank logs or logs. These details can be purchase on the darkweb or some secret websites only known in cyber criminal circles. The website ABBAS registered with and used is called

“Sophisticated cyber criminal do not use their personal email address in registering on such websites. ABBAS used his personal email to register on the site just like he used his personal email address for other criminal activities and schemes.

“ABBAS email address contained registration confirmation from Whizzlog. It also contained numerous confirmation and receipts of bank logs he purchased.

“One of such messages read, “Your order was successful. You have purchased (“the Financial institution”) banklog with a balance of $9,839,44. Purchase Price: $955. The banklog details “login to your whizzlog account to view.

“From the example above, I observed ABBAS buys a log with balance of over $9,000 for as low as $900.”

In June, Hushpuppi and eleven others were arrested in United Arab Emirates by the Police in an operation dubbed “Fox Hunt 2” and was subsequently extradited to the United States for trial.

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