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What I Will Do If Nigeria Splits – Onyeka Onwenu



By Ella Makondo

Music legend Onyeka Onwenu has warned Nigerians against disintegration, saying  the country’s unity is non negotiable.

Onwenu, a former broadcast journalist, however, said that should Nigeria disintegrate that she would relocate to her South-East place of birth.

She spoke during a virtual pre-book launch briefing ahead of the release of her memoir ‘My Father’s Daughter,’ slated for October 1.

“It doesn’t take away whatever you are doing in Lagos, Abuja, or Port Harcourt. You are free to live and do business wherever you are but remember back home, we are being marginalised for a long time. And our people have always done things for themselves.

“We built the Imo Airport. I was part of the process. It remains the only airport in the country that was built by the citizens and handed over to the Federal Government

“My father went to school abroad, people in his home town collected money and supported him. That’s how we do things, we are communal people. So, I’m not afraid to go back home.”

On her views on the agitation for self-sovereignty by some groups in the country, she  said, “If that happens,  I will go back to the South-East because I want to go back home. And even if we don’t split, I want to do so much there.

“We are blessed with the richness of our culture and everyone should see themselves as one and not let divisions break the country,” she said.

Onwenu speaking on her marriage to a Yoruba Muslim that produced two children as a reference, called on Nigerians to be less ethno-centric but focus on the positives inherent in the different ethnic groups that make up the country.

The 68 year- old  music star while explaining what to expect in her  new book, titled ‘My Father’s Daughter’, said the  book  contained  over 450 pages and is designed to give inspiration to the younger ones, especially the younger feminine gender, among others.

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