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Nigerians Rage As Agbani Is Ranked Ugliest Miss World!



By Emmanuel Adigwe

A cross section of Nigerians took to Twitter on Friday to express their dissatisfaction as popular search engine, Google tagged the former most beautiful girl in Nigeria as the “Ugliest Miss World”.

GWG recalls that Agbani Darego won the coveted crown of Miss World in 2001 after she took the crown from Priyanka Chopra of India.

She had prior to that won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant in 2000.

It became surprising to many that despite these feats, she was still tagged as the ‘Ugliest Miss World’. Some Nigerians took to the micro-blogging platform to express their unhappiness.

GWG presents some of these views.

Amenze Iyamu@amenzeiyamu wrote: “@Google I just checked again and it is still showing Agbani Darego as the ugliest miss world. This is unacceptable.”

Growth Queen @oluremi_x wrote: “I find it interesting that the results to “Who is the most beautiful Miss World” on Google shows links to various rankings. But “Who is the most ugly Miss world” gives you Agbani Darego’s profile, full stop.”

BLACK WOMEN STAN ACCOUNT@sere_ninii wrote: “Omo the fact that anybody thought of Agbani Darego as ugly is really mind blowing.”

Pastor Mrs Ola @Deola__Adereti wrote: “I saw Agbani Darego!! Like are these people mad?”

HEART@Olatoyosi20 wrote: “Google says the ugliest miss world is Agbani Darego.”

24/7 Sylvia Plath @phumzee__ wrote: “Agbani Darego is more beautiful than Priyanka, but that’s a topic for another day.”

Ada@AdaPetitee wrote: “Agbani Darego is literally the most beautiful Miss World ever to me. That one consign google.”

First Doctor™@DrAtangwho wrote: “Agbani Darego remains our queen & our pride!

Anyone who tells you the first indigenous African to win the Miss Universe contest against all odds in 2001, is the ugliest Miss World ever, that person is not only ignorant but is also crazy & racist!”

‘Ältē @NewtVicky wrote: “This was Agbani Darego when she was crowned Miss World in 2001. How she shows up on google as “the ugliest Miss World” is just beyond me.”

‘Ältē @NewtVicky wrote: “this Agbani Darego, ugly?!?! “

vic@victortheplanet wrote: “Agbani Darego’s beauty put us on the map & caused a genocide. That’s a bad b*tch face.”

360 Media@Twitta360 wrote: “Look at the goddess that @Google tagged ugly. Agbani Darego is just beautiful and handsome.”

Idowu Taylor@IdowuTaylor2 wrote: A whole Agbani Darego?! “

Adaeze @tinarela wrote: I wonder how someone in their right mind will call Agbani Darego ugly like wtf.”   

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