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Kaduna First Lady Speaks On El-Rufai’s Love Letters

I’m picking up my golden pen from the basket of love to write these few words of mine – El-Rufai



By Ayodele Oluwafemi

Kaduna First Lady, Hadiza el-Rufai has throw rare light on the romantic flair of her husband revealing his favourite lines in pre-wedding love notes from a besotted Mallam Nasir El-Rufai.

The poetically gifted First Lady in a post on twitter with throwback pictures of the couple apparently from their wedding night also drew comments from followers on Mallam Nasir’s favourite love lines.

Hadiza, had taken to Twitter to share two pictures, with the caption “how it started” and “the way it ended.”

One of the pictures depicted someone writing a letter, while the second one showed herself with el-Rufai, in a social event.

The first lady also hinted how her husband wooed her by writing love letters to her, when they started their relationship.

Reminiscing about one of the love lines of el-Rufai that captured her attention, she tweeted on what was perhaps the governor’s favourite love line to her quoting him thus: “I’m picking up my golden pen from the basket of love to write these few words of mine.”

The couple got married in 1985.

Many Twitter users reacted to the tweet with some asking the first lady to teach them some love lines that can also inspire their lovers.

Others told her about their admiration of her lovely union with el-Rufai.

@oil_shaeikh tweeted, “I’m very sure the Ture ka ga tsiya head gear was the one that first caught MALAM’s attention, @elrufai pls what line did you use sir to shoot your shot.”

@isah_ribadu tweeted, “I sha know his Excellency started the letter like, Dearest Hadiza, I picked my golden pen from the basket of Love.”

@ArewaConnect tweeted, “Lots of the letter our guys write this days are rejected by ladies…Sir @elrufai any leakage on how u caught @hadizel’s attention???”

@LonerMighty tweeted, “The second frame gives me hope that only what destined will be, I am sure you and mallam would still be in awe of someone whispered into your ears both that in the future u all will play leadership role in our country. Godbless you mummy and your family, Amin.”

@adamaila4 tweeted, “Did he put that rose flower usually cut from Lux soap wrap? Those letters were hardly complete without it.”

@jta_abacha tweeted, “I’m going back to school, precisely ABU, and start writing letters until I get my match.”

@ayo2_rasaq tweeted, “No doubt Mallam would have written so much alluring letters drawing from words of Wordsworth to Shakespeare’s many lines.Certainly Hajia still read some of them and laugh out loud till date Shukran!”

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