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VIDEO: Chacha Eke Explains Why She Is Acting Crazy



By Ella Makondo

Nollywood star actress, Cha-cha Eke Faani has disclosed why she has been acting  crazy of recent, saying that pregnancy brings out the bipolar disorder that has been recently diagnosed in her.

In a video she released  on Instagram, the multiple award winning actress announced that she was pregnant. She, however, did not indicate for how long.

The embattled actress had recently announced that she was leaving her husband even though later revealing that it had nothing to do with spousal abuse as was alleged.

She later disclosed that she had been diagnosed of  bipolar disorder.

It was later alleged that she  was coerced by her movie producer, husband, Ausin Faani to do  the video recording in order to cover himself.

More so there was  controversies around her marriage  that the issues between Chacha and her movie producer husband, Austin Faani were related to drugs.

She later exonerated her husband of accusations of abuse in a video message where she dismissed allegations that it was suffering from domestic violence.

The actress in another video she released on Monday said:

“As you can see from this video, I am  pregnant and as been peculiar with my former pregnancies, every time  I am pregnant something in me just erupt these things that erupt within me have just a few days ago finally gotten a diagnosised of being bipolar disorder, it makes me do crazy things , things , think crazily and act crazily.

” Over the years , I  have suffered episodes and I didn’t know what they were and   where they came from that often makes feel different from inside.”

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