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Youths Should Draw Lessons From #EndSARS Protests – Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youths



By GWG Staff

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Worldwide has urged youths everywhere in the country to put the gains of the recent #EndSARS protests in perspective as they build on it towards a better country.

Speaking at a press conference in Enugu, the national publicity secretary of the youth group, Engr. Obinna Adibe also urged the five state governments in the Southeast to emulate the example of the Lagos State Government in including youths into the judicial panels being constituted to investigate police brutality.

While commending President Muhammadu Buhari for accepting all five demands of the youths, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Worldwide while identifying itself with the goals of the peaceful protesters nevertheless regretted that the protest was hijacked by rogue elements who brought destruction on the citizenry and properties.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youths Urge Youths To Draw Lessons From #EndSARS Protests

The group as such consoled with those affected and especially with the authorities and people of Lagos.

The group said:

“First and foremost, let it be known that we are in complete support of the #EndSARS protest demanding an end to police brutality, extortion, torture and killings of young persons by different units of the Police Force, with special emphasis on SARS.

“Countless young people in the South East and across the Country  have fallen victims to police brutality for several years . There are numerous reports of such cases in all the five South East states and other States were Ndigbo live, And for that reason, we commend the initiators of the protests for providing an opportunity for young people to express their grievances concerning police brutality.

“We commend  Mr. President and the Federal Government for accepting and granting the #5For 5 demands of the young people during the protests. We are grateful that none of the 5 points were dropped, or amended. This clearly shows that for once, young people have collectively gotten the government to listen to our sincere agitations on an issue.

“We would also like to commend the State Governments that have already set up their Judicial Panels of Inquiry as part of the demands of the #EndSARS protest. We would like to call on the  Governors of South East States and other States were Ndigbo reside to emulate Lagos State Governments by including Youths in those Judicial Panels they have already set up and for  the panels to get to work and deliver on the directive of the Federal Government.”

“As these panels get constituted and commence their hearings, we would like to encourage young people not to shy away from being part of the panels. Our direct participation is the right way to ensure that it achieves its ultimate aim. So we enjoin young people to get on board and follow up on the process. We must ensure that the process is impartial.

“Also, for the Lekki shooting and  to our brothers and sisters of South West extraction and other Nigerians  for the great loss suffered, most especially in Lagos State we commiserate with them.

“To our brothers, Sisters and other Nigerians that lost their properties in Apo violence and also in other parts of Nigeria, we say a big sorry.”

While espousing its support for a united Nigeria, the group said:

“We therefore like to reaffirm and pledge our commitment and support to a united Nigeria. We acknowledge that we are all one people, with a common goal and destiny.

“Finally, we commend and thank the great Youths of Ndigbo for the sacrifices of maintaining peace and returning normalcy in and outside lgbo land in the past couple of days .Please, let us continue to maintain calmness ,peace and tranquillity in our land. Let us not destroy our collective and hard earned properties and heritage.”

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