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Funke Akindele: How I Keep Peace With My Husband



Multiple award winning star actress and producer, Funke Akindele-Bello on Thursday opened up to her fans how she has managed to build up a peaceful and harmonious relationship with her husband despite both of them working together almost always.

Speaking on the set of Your View on Thursday, the producer also revealed that the couple never leave their infant children alone with their house helps.

Ms. Akindele-Bello who is the author of the popular award winning series Jenifa Diary, said she is normally the first to apologise in any argument because she is the one with the sharp mouth.

Her Britain raised husband, Abdulrasheed Bello, popularly called JJC Skillz, according to her is the quiet type who takes a long time to get angry.

She said:

“When we have disagreements, I apologise first. You know me; it is mouth that I have. I will say everything and just let it go and my anger span is very short but Abdul’s own is longer, so, he takes his time before he gets angry. Abdul does not get angry easily, he takes things easy.

“And Abdul knows how to communicate better; so, if I am having issues with someone I am working with, I usually go and report the person to him. I ask him, ‘what do we do now because you know that I don’t know how to talk o.’ Then he tells me to calm down and goes to talk to the person,” the ace actress said.

On their working relationship, she said:

“For Abdul and me; I am the major producer, Abdul does not produce, he does not even like it. He is a director, he is so technical. I am very creative, he is very technical and he is very good.”

The actress also offered opinion on how the couples relates with their infant twin children. She said that they are almost never left alone with the helps saying that at all times, either her or her husband is constrained to stay around with the helps.

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