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Rivers APC Crisis: Abe’s Group May Fight Back



Rivers LG Election

The Rivers APC crisis took a deeper tone on Thursday when members loyal to the Magnus Abe faction of the party warned supporters of Rotimi Amaechi that they do not have the monopoly of violence.

Acting chairman of the pro-Abe faction, Golden Ben-Chioma gave the warning at a Port-Harcourt news conference.

Abe had earlier accused supporters of Amaechi of instigating the violence against party members in Bugama earlier in the week as such worsening the Rivers APC crisis.

“As a party, we have frowned at it. We have made a complaint at the necessary security tables. As I speak with you, investigation is ongoing. But it only shows you one thing. We’re the victim of such thing. You ask yourself, who is perpetrating harm to us? Are we a threat to anybody? The answer is “yes”. It, therefore, means somebody is threatened by our existence.

“But we are law-abiding. Nobody has a monopoly of violence. Everybody on this earth will pass away. Only God and the earth would remain. So, let no man claim to be strong.”

The Rivers APC crisis has defied solution since before the last General Election that led to the party not presenting candidates in the state.

Saying that they were opposed to autocratic leadership as supposedly desired by their rivals in the Amaechi led faction, he said:

“We are starting afresh and we want to make sure that our party is still in existence in the state. Party politics is jaw-jaw not war-war. If you feel offended with our actions and inactions, come over, we tell you the reasons. If you convince us, we agree with you. It is a party not a personal issue.”

The national leadership of the party had recently given recognition to the camp led by Amaechi.

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