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Why I Stopped Kissing In Movies – Nollywood Star




Nollywood star Angel Samuda has opened up on why she stopped kissing in movies. The Ibiono, Akwa Ibom born actress, movie producer and fashion designer cited her husband’s opposition to her resolve of not kissing on set any longer.

Speaking to The Sun, “It’s not always easy convincing my husband for me to play romantic roles like that, but then, in the long run, he’s cool. He knows it’s my career. However, he would not accept any kissing scene.

“I don’t like it, though. I can peck, smooch, lie on the same bed with the opposite sex and all but kissing is a no-no for me. If I am given a role with lots of kissing scenes and the story would be better portrayed with the actual kissing scenarios, I would have to explain to the director. I would suggest he should give the role to another actor. I am not sentimental or desperate when it has to do with my work. If I can’t do it, I’d suggest you give it to another.”

Besides giving the reason on why she stopped kissing in movies, she also spoke on her experience of sexual harassment in the industry.

 “Oh yes, a lot. That’s one of the primary reasons I stopped acting for some time. I couldn’t own up enough to speak my mind; instead, I cry back home feeling so bad and how much have disappointed myself.

“When I thought it over and was woman enough to speak out, I bounced back. The moment you let them know that you know your worth and why you are in the industry, they have no choice but to respect you and know you are different. I don’t need to sleep with a producer, director, or actor to prove my worth and capability. God has been on my side so far.”

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