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Returning To Your Kadesh



Then came the children of Israel, even the whole congregation, into the desert of Zin in the first month: and the people abode in KADESH; and Miriam died. Numbers 20:1.

This was apparently a return to Kadesh. Kadesh was earlier mentioned as a place where they rebelled against God.

With this return, it is apparent the people had been moving in circles, what we now commonly call the Israelite or Wilderness Journey.

This was apparently the 38th/39th year they left Egypt.0

Now, it was in Kadesh, Numbers 13:26 that the people provoked the Lord and He decreed that the generation that came out of Egypt with the exception of Caleb and Joshua will not enter the Promised Land. Numbers 14:23-24.

It was at that point of provocation that a journey of days was now turned into a journey of 40 years.

Observe in Numbers 14:25; God orders them into the Wilderness and hence what we now refer to as the Wilderness Journey.

Apparently after about 38 years, they now return to Kadesh, the point of the provocation where God sentenced them.

What does this tell us?

If you have offended God and you have been moving round without dealing with the issue, you will only continue to move in circles. You must return to your Kadesh if you must move forward.

Many of us offend and think that by appeasement, good works, offerings, and such without dealing with the issue that we will move forward. No.

You may in the eyes of men be moving forward, but between you and God, you know that it is a life of circles, a Wilderness Journey without God’s impact or revelation.

Just as the people moved for 38 or so years but it was a dry journey,  no mention of God in their lives. It was 38 years without God’s revelation!

We must return to Kadesh, resolve the issue and then launch into our Land of Promise.

Beloved, you too can be helped in this matter at a gathering of God’s people somewhere near you today if you want to break loose.

Good Day.

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