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Gumi Wasting Time Talking With Bandits – El-Rufai



Gumi wasting time talking with bandits

Kaduna Governor Malam Nasir El-Rufai has said that Sheikh Ahmad Gumi was wasting time in his negotiations with bandits causing unrest in the North-West states.

The Governor was speaking on the Hausa Service of the BBC.

He said the bandits would have been dealt with if Governors in the region were united.

According to him: “A Fulani herdsman that was used to only getting a hundred thousand naira in a year, after selling a cow, but now obtains millions of naira from ransom for kidnapping will never stop.

“Sheikh Gumi is my friend. What we discussed about the herdsmen was different from what he is doing now.

“And I believe anyone that tells me the approach is realistic, I will not subscribe to it. He is only deceiving himself and wasting his time, they will not stop,” El-Rufai said.

While noting that Gumi was wasting time talking with the bandits, he said:

“I never believed that a Fulani herdsman who ventured into banditry and is collecting millions of Naira as ransom will repent. I spoke to Dr Gumi who is my friend, I explained that majority of these bandits don’t believe in the religion. That is why they kill mercilessly.

“Anybody who thinks a Fulani herdsman that was used to only getting N100,000 in a year, after selling a cow, but now is getting millions through kidnapping for ransom will stop, is only wasting his time.

“Why should they be compensated after killing people, they destroyed their houses. Who offended them?

“I told Sheikh Gummi that the majority of these Fulani bandits don’t believe in religion. Therefore, I don’t believe in what he is doing, that they should be forgiven and compensated.

“If any ‎bandit is arrested in Kaduna state, the bandit will be killed because Kaduna is in war with bandits.

“They kill without mercy, they don’t believe in the religion,” he said.

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