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Under Pressure, Even Moses Buckles



And Moses and Aaron gathered the congregation together before the rock, and he said unto them, HEAR NOW, ye rebels; must we fetch you water out of THIS rock? Numbers 20:10.

The turn around for this Man of God is shocking. Was it the death of his sister making him to unravel?

Moses was told to speak to the Rock, but he turns around to speak to the people. Even more, he questions why he should get water from the Rock where God directed him.

Why must he question the choice of God’s pattern for the quenching of the thirst of the people?l

It’s either doubt or disobedience or indeed both!!!

Moses was apparently upset by the attitude of the congregation and his domestic balance had been complicated by the recent death of Miriam, his elder sister

Under pressure, our leaders are also faced with such temptations to act brashly.

They could also be upset domestically by difficult (dead) marriages, money matters, unruly congregation and many more other reasons to the point that they will lose composure as Moses did here, hollering on the people instead of speaking to the Rock as he was directed.

May God help all our leaders everywhere to be guarded and guided, and that whatever challenges they face will not push them away from the pattern God has prescribed for them.

May God help us and all followers not to be unruly and impatient like the Israelites and to also be mindful of the challenges that may come the way of our leaders.

May God guide and guard us all.

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