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Actress Lilian Blasts Men Comfortable With Women Paying Bills



Actress Lilian Afegbai Blasts Men Who Are Comfortable With A Woman Paying The Bills

Nollywood actress, Lilian Afegbai has taken a swipe at men who are comfortable with women paying their bills.

In a post she wrote on Instagram story, she described men who take advantages of financially buoyant ladies and later settle down with ladies of their class as a vegetable.

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She added that man should always try as much to take care of ladies’ needs in order to maintain his pride.

She wrote on her Instagram story…

“I can never understand a woman that pays a man’s bill. It’s different if you guys are married and things go bad where you have to step in and help till he get back on his feet.

“But paying his rent and all, men have pride they will carry your money and give to that girl who would respect and appreciate them for the little they do… A man who’s comfortable with a woman paying his bills is a vegetable”.

She continued:

“No matter how much you think a woman has, as a man you should take care of her no matter how little you can afford. That’s you keeping your pride”.

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