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Appreciating God’s Grace In Others



And when we cried unto the LORD, he heard our voice, and sent an angel, and hath brought us forth out of Egypt: and, behold, we are in Kadesh, a city in the uttermost of thy border:

Numbers 20:16.

Israel, here recounts the testimony of God upon them and how an angel guided them out of Egypt and through the wilderness.

This should have attracted the Edomites to them, after all, they were bringing forth the presence of God and His righteousness.

But no, Edom, perhaps on account of the old sibling rivalry between their fathers (Esau and Jacob) turned them away (verse 20).

That is despite their testimony. They despised the work of grace in the lives of the Israelites. ‐

It is in that light that some of us as Christians despise the workings of grace in others.

We should as Christian’s behold, appreciate and rejoice with those who have received God’s favour.

“That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” Hebrews 6:12.

Beloved, may God help us to follow after the faith of our brethren who through faith and patience have inherited the promise of grace.

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