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You Cannot Select Your Family



Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named; Ephesians 3:15.

The apostle in talking about the whole family of God, I believe, is referring to the fellowship that binds those who are saved and living on earth and those who have died in the Lord.

He harps on the unity that he had raised earlier, especially in Ephesians 2:13-15.

Note, he never mentions families, but family!

It is one family with membership drawn from those who identify with God through birth by Christ Jesus.

Now note, you do not choose who your family members are.

They can be short, tall or whatever, but they are family!

So it is natural, it is not your creation it is something that comes upon you. Each person comes in naturally into the family and all things being equal have natural access to the father and heritage of the family.

Just as you cannot stop your parents from having more children if they are still fertile, no Christian can stop our ever merciful God from birthing more sons and daughters into the family of God.

May God grant us all grace to behold and appreciate those whom God has given to us as brethren and relate to them as family.

Good Day

I love this family of God

So closely knitted into one

They’ve taken me into their arms

And I am so glad to be A part of this great


Hands in hands, together, we will go (echo)

Don’t you know you mean so much to me?


Don’t you know I mean so much to you? (echo)

I need you to build this family (echo)

You need me to build this family (echo)

Higher and higher we will go (echo) 2x

Higher with Jesus we will go (echo) 2x

Higher together we will go (echo) 2x

Higher forever we will go (echo) 2x

(Now turn to your neighbour and say…)

Bridge: I love the way you…I love the way you.. .

(I love you) 3x

(Back to 3)

(Slurr) They’ve taken me into their arms and I’m

so glad to be a part of this family!

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