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Toyin Lawani Dresses Up As Traditionalist After Backlash



Toyin Lawani Dresses Up As Traditionalist After Backlash

Nigerian socialite and popular celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani aka Tiannah, has finally publicly reacted to the backlash she faced for her outfit to a recently held movie premiere. The mother of two wore a nun outfit with really high slits that threatened to showcase her private area. Her poses also drew criticisms as many found it to be too sexual for someone wearing a religious garment.

Well, in a new post on her page, the stylist shared series of photos of foreign models who also dressed up as sexy nuns in risqué outfits.

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In her caption, she explained that Nigerians had refused to be liberated and that wearing costumes did not mean she disrespected the theme. According to her, people dressed in similar ways for Halloween.

Lawani said she was only attacked because she is Nigerian and not Kim Kardashian or Rihanna.

Read excerpts from her post below: “Most of you are so way back ,your lack of exposure is really disturbing you lots , you don’t even know what Art is when you see it , I learnt fashion internationally , break fashion boundaries and I’m a Risk taker , you will never be able to understand me cause I will always stay true to what I love and will never do anything to please anyone but myself , if you are expecting that apology you are preaching on my page from me you will be waiting till eternity, take your frustrations to the blogs , but when you come to my page, I will give you your size, By now I felt your Brains should have told you that I’m not Your basic fellow Nigerian and I do not follow the rules of your society , I make my own rules , Doesn’t mean any of you Are holier than I am or better human beings than me.”

Toyin Lawani then took things a step further by sharing a video of a traditional themed shoot. She wore a jacket and trousers decorated all over with cowries. In her caption, she said she was waiting for traditional gods such as Obatala, Sango and Ogun to come for her for using cowries on her outfit.

She wrote: “Oya im waiting for ifa and obatala plus sango to come and meet for using cowries, their horn and the live fowl they use for sacrifice for shoot, depicting our culture”

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