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Don’t Allow Your Friends Use “Am” Inappropritely-Joro Olumofin



Don’t Allow Your Friends Use “Am Inappropritely-Joro Olumofin

Popular Nigerian relationship expert, Joro Olumofin has said that it is evil on one’s part if he or she allows his/her friend, girlfriend or boyfriend use the ‘I’m and Am’ inappropriately.

According to him, the use of ‘Am’ instead of ‘I’m’ has made a lot of people lose their future partners and called out those who allow others close to them to embarrass themselves outside everyday.

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Joro Olumofin who is known for his controversial advice on love, relationship and marriage made this known on his Instagram story .

Joro’s pronouncement has drawn mixed reactions from Instagram users and below are are few of them.


Elon musk use Am all the time. It doesn’t add or subtracts one’s value . Y’all be prioritizing meaningless things. Abeg Na money everybody Dey fine. Am or I’m . As far the person understand wetin I Dey talk. Make una Rest Abeg. People wey get English sef no do reach like oversabi Nigerians.


Where has your good English carried you to?? Are you richer than Elon musk? 


How about the one’s that use “are my” instead of “am I”?


But in most cases they feel embarrassed if you correct them


I would always correct when we’re together privately. And still do it privately if it’s done by accident outside. Won’t let anyone laugh at my friends but me.

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