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Nursing Mum Pictured Breastfeeding While Writing Exam



Nursing Mum Pictured Breastfeeding Her Son While Writing Exam

A Nigerian woman has shared her struggle in finding a balance between being a nursing mother and a career driven woman.

The woman known as Marlene Onyediachi-Nwalozie who was captured in an examination hall writing her post-graduate degree exam whilst her baby was laid on her laps, revealed that her husband was waiting outside the exam hall as she wrote.

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According to her, the baby cried at some point in time and when all attempts to make the baby stop crying failed, the husband had to give the child over to the invigilator who then took the baby to the mother and lamented that life is harder.

She wrote on Facebook’

“This was me yesterday writing my Post Graduate Degree in Education examination

My son cried so hard that his father had to submit him to the invigilators after he had exhausted all dance steps and songs to make him stop crying to no avail

The invigilator had to bring the baby to me to do whatever I have to to quieten him. They believe a mother always has the magic to make a crying baby stop.

I was grateful when he stopped crying because his wailing won’t let me remember anything. I thought he was going to die crying like that for whatever reason

Thank God for breast. Immediately I put him to breast, he let out a long breath and stopped crying

This is how we stayed for 2 hours till I finished exam

Reminded me of 2016 when I had to hold my daughter in one arm while writing my Msc examinations.“ She said.

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