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‘How A Nurse Swapped My Friend’s Sister’s Baby After Birth’- Lady



A Nigerian lady, Oriaku Enwe Iroh has alerted other women on Facebook about the diabolical schemes some nurses and midwives perpetuate at hospitals.

In her narration, she said one nurse swapped her friend’s sister’s baby, few hours after birth. The nurse upon interrogation confessed that she swapped the baby on the instruction of the hospital’s matron.

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Oriaku Enwe Iroh has therefore warned expectant mothers to be extra vigilant during delivery in order to thwart such acts from the health practitioners. She wrote;

Dear Husbands and Wives:

When you’re due to deliver a baby or in labour. Pls take a birthing partner with you, did you hear me?  Take a birthing partner with you.

Study the hospital exit doors and put a name to the faces of the nurses. Secondly, tell the nurses that you don’t want your baby to be taken away from the delivery room. Once they cut the umbilical cord hold your baby jen jen….. I know the pains! I know every, but hold the baby jen jen…. Never let go.

Thirdly, if you’re having CS, pls take a birthing partner with you, tell the doctor you don’t want the nurses to wash the baby. Tell your doctor to hand over the baby to your birthing partner.

Washing of new baby is not compulsory in UK. The midwives in UK don’t wash the baby that day. Nne don’t panic.

In Lagos, my friend sister gave birth to a baby boy this morning, she saw her baby and made a mental note of her baby, while the midwife went away with the baby to wash the baby, she came back with a baby girl that looked like a two weeks old baby girl.

But God we serve was awake….the nurse mistakenly came back with wrapper that is not hers…. And they found out the baby had this local tangerine(local eye liner) in her eyes which means the baby is not her baby. All her scans has shown it’s a boy they were expecting.

Her husband was first to spot the eye tangerine and gave the nurse a sound slap to produce his baby. He called his elder brother who is a lawyer in Lagos to come with people…. Within 20 minutes his brother and their friends has filled the hospital. The nurse said is the matron that asked her to replace the baby with the baby in the Chief matron office. The matron is denying telling the junior nurse anything.

The matron was given a beating of her life now. They are involving police and must go to court. The doctor on duty is claiming innocent….Her baby has been returned to her. They are home now.

Dear women: As you dey push your baby, biko don’t start crying and leave your baby with nurses. Endure the pains and tell them to hand over your baby that you want to bond with the baby first.

Tell them to leave your baby with you that you don’t want to wash your baby. If possible conduct DNA before leaving the hospital, just to make sure you’re taking your real baby home.

Things are happening oooooo….

May God have mercy on all of us.

Una well-done ooooo…

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