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Reno Omokri Gives Advice To Intending Couples



‘The Only Thing That Lasts After Death is Your Character’- Reno Omokri

Controversial Nigerian social commentator, author and political activist, Reno Omokri has dished out a piece of advice to would-be couples and those making plans to get married.

As wedding has become an item that pre-empts a happy marriage for some people, many put a lot of work on the kind of wedding they organize. Some to show the financial muscle of the couple or the man which is depicted by its flamboyance and glamour.

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However, Reno Omokri believes investing a lot of money into putting up a wedding is not necessary, rather, it will lead one into bankruptcy.

Reno Omokri advised his followers not to lose their marriage whilst trying to make a statement with their wedding.

He tweeted;

“Dear couples, Going into debt to have a wedding of the century can cause the problem of the century. Don’t gain your wedding and lose your marriage. A wedding is the icing, a marriage is the cake. You can do without icing, but not without cake.”

See the tweet below:

Reno Omokri’s tweet generated different and mixed reactions from Twitter users, however, most users concurred with his submission.

@chinemelumihe: I love having small quality circle.. Gathering a marmot crowd just for an eye service in your wedding will leave you in insolvency

@Airopeace: Oh that they would heed wise counsel! Sadly, learning the hard way is the alternative.

@renoomokri: Until couples start to realise that a wedding is just a ceremony. And that marriage is the koko

@kingchaegame:Marriage rites are very costly. Most parents are indifferent to the harsh economic situation when it comes to marriage.

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