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Dare: IBB Asks Adeboye To Take Heart



Dare Adeboye

Former military presidnt, General Ibrahim Babangida has condoled with Pastor Enoch Adeboye over the son of his son, Dare, asking him to take heart in the grace that God Almighty can provide.

In a statement conveying his well wishes to Adeboye, President Babangida said that death is something that no one can question, he thus urged him to draw from his deep faith in God to calm the emotions that may have welled up in his heart.

He said:

It is with a heavy heart that I convey my condolence to you and your family over the sudden death of your 42 years old son, Dare. The news came to me as a rude shock, but one cannot question the Almighty God for his decisions in our lives. As mere mortals, we await our appointment with God at any point in time.

“It is not a thing we have any control of, once it is time, only God has the ultimate decision, irrespective of age. But the death of a young man, would naturally hurt us, as one would expect our children to be around to organise our funeral. It is painful and very agonising to hear of this sad loss.

“As a man of God with unflinching faith in God and unimpeachable character both in your private and public conduct, I am consoled that you perfectly understand the ways of God and of man. Even though this sad loss would agitate your mind, it should serve as additional tonic to fire your belief in service of the Almighty God.

“It should further enrich your confidence in your pastoral engagements, knowing full well, that as mere mortals, death is a necessary end. Do not allow this painful death of Dare, lead you to question God. The ways of man, as you often counselled, are not the same as the ways of God.

“As a servant of God who has sustained godliness and impacted on humanity by converting souls and bringing men to God, this singular shocking loss should embolden your resolve to do more for God than distract you.

“The Almighty God who is a seer of all, the omniscient, who created heaven and earth, would comfort you and your household. May you never witness such again in your days on earth. May the rest children grow older to sustain your uncommon legacies in the service of God.

“On behalf of Aisha, Mohammaed, Aminu and Halima, accept my condolence as I wish you the very best in all your human endeavours. May God the Almighty grant his soul eternal rest, and the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss.”

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