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IPOB Denies Arrest Of Ikonso’s Deputy




The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has denied claims of the arrest of the second in command to Commander Ikonso, saying the claim of the Nigerian Army was a fabrication.

IPOB in a statement obtained by  GreenWhiteGreen GWG affirmed that man arrested by the Nigerian Army was too old to be a member of IPOB’s Eastern Security Network, ESN and as such certainly not its second in command.

In the statement issued by IPOB’s publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, the group accused the army of making propaganda with the arrest saying the group will not be ashamed to claim any arrest of its own as it admitted the execution of Commander Ikonso.

“Such a man is too old to be recruited into ESN let alone being Ikonso’s Second-in-Command,” Emma Powerful said in the statement.

“That you ambushed Ikonso with the help of some traitors did not mean you have crushed ESN. Stop claiming what you have not done in your bid to win public accolades.

“If you arrest or kill Ikonso’s Second-in-Command, we will not hesitate to admit it just the same way we did not deny the murder of Ikonso. We are not like Nigeria that lives in propaganda; we tell the truth always. So, stop harassing innocent Biafrans in the name of a manhunt for ESN personnel.

“The Nigeria security agents should stop making a mockery of themselves. The arrest of innocent Biafrans and labeling them ESN operatives cannot make you overpower our gallant ESN operatives.

“Our background check revealed that the said man had issues with his traditional ruler who gave his contact to the security agents alleging that he belongs to ESN. He is not our own.” He noted further that “We are assuring them that whatever they do, they cannot win ESN in this fight for freedom. The secret killing and abduction can never make IPOB change our resolve towards restoring Biafra as an independent nation.”

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