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Delta 2023: The Battle Ahead

By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, Esq.



Delta 2023 Ijaw

In view of recent political developments in Delta State and across the country, the electioneering drum beat is about to produce the right rhythms for the commencement of grassroots politicking.

And it appears that the battle will be fierce in terms of sophisticated propaganda, the soul of politics. The people is usually the subject matter of politics, but more important is the eligible voters who are essentially the target and focus of political gladiators, and electioneering tacticians.

Political strategists are already at work, holding nocturnal meetings into deep hours, mapping out strategies to deliver their political godsons, loyalists and associates for various elective offices and across board.

Senator Ovie Omo Agege, was able to deploy his political foresight to climb through the back of Chief Great Ogboru, and abandoned him to gnash his teeth in secret tears. The Peoples General, has been demoted to the rank of a Sargent Major.

With due respect to Sargent Major Ogboru, he caused his downfall by dinning with dark angels without a corresponding strategy to keep them under proper subjugation. Agege and his co-travellers pulled the red carpet from under his feet and the rest is now history and reference point for political science students in our institutions of higher learning.

It was rumoured that Ogboru is boiling with acute anger against DSP Agege, and vowed to take his pound of flesh. And on the other hand, Agege who is now a third degree member of the Buharists Political Caucus, has no problem with that, provided there is no drop of blood while taking the pound of flesh.

It follows that Sargent Major Ogboru, will be relying heavily on the “Omotogbes in Politics” to showcase himself in 2023. By Omotogbes, it is meant the freelance folks in politics and hired crowd who are usually paid some token per outing. It is on record that the Peoples Sargent Major is very good at “Political Trade By Barter,” and always willing to exchange something for something.

The big story is that his core loyalists vowed to confront Agege in 2023, so as to restore the integrity of their principal. Take it or leave it, Agege will experience some level of political convulsion as he dared to usurp the age long governorship ambition of his benefactor, in the person of Sargent Major Great Ogboru.

Agege is banking on his position as the incumbent Deputy Senate President to garner votes in 2023, but he failed to realise that those who taught him political chess game have improved on their skills, and are planning way ahead of him. He is boasting about installing some transformers here and there. The number of transformers when compared to the amount of red pepper collected as constituency projects amounts to less than five percent of total figure. Let’s keep the flow for another day.

Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, appears to be the biggest fish next to DSP Agege, in the fishing net of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Delta State. Waooo! All hail the SPON of Anioma Nation. His two tenure as Senator representing the good people of Delta North will terminate on May 29, 2023. It is obvious that SPON will not return to the Red Chambers. The reason is crystal clear. PDP will take over his seat at the Senate on May 29, 2023, note it in your special diary.

SPON Deputy Governorship deal with DSP Agege, will certainly crash like a pack of card, because Agege will not be governor in 2023, and PDP will occupy Delta Central seat at the Red Chambers. It is only a political mediocre that will ever imagine that APC will win any state in the South-South geopolitical zone in 2023. SPON’s handshake with President Buhari is at best a political showmanship that will go red after the announcement of governorship election results in favour of PDP in 2023.

Some PDP governors who are now defecting to APC, so as to conceal their alleged financial crimes will be made to cough out what they unscrupulously siphoned from public treasury after 2023 general elections.

And in Delta State, the battle ahead for DSP and SPON will be how to bounce back to political relevance after 2023  general elections. PDP will produce the governor in Delta, takeover Delta Central Seat in the Red Chambers and replace SPON with another PDP Senator in Delta North.

And with a popular detribalised presidential candidate, PDP will knock off APC from Aso Rock in 2023, and Nigeria’s political and socioeconomic integrity in the global stage shall be restored.

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