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Top 10 Yoruba Movies You Will Want to Watch Again



Whether you are a strong critic of Yoruba movies or not, one thing you are likely to agree with is that the industry has served us fantastic contents we will always want to rewatch.

Here are ten (10) of such Yoruba movies that kept most families glued to their TV screen back in the days of yore.

1. Saworoide

Saworoide Yoruba movies

The political scene of Nigeria is one of the major reasons many lovers of this movie will always appreciate its significance.

It details a greedy king who decided to make his subjects’ life miserable while trying all he could to lay hands on the traditional drum “Saworoide”. The drum is the only threat to his reign. King Lapite was overthrown in a military coup led by Lagata. But Lagata reign was soon brought to an end when the drum resurfaced.

2. Ti Oluwa Nile

Ti Oluwa Nile Yoruba Movies | GWG

The movie featured Baba Wande as Chief Asiyanbi. He conspired with two other persons, JP and Sanya, to sell a sacred land. The gods however will not sleep while someone auctions their abode. After the death of the two other masterminds, Chief Asiyanbi tried to escape the consequences of his action.

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3. Àfọ̀njá

The movie portrays Afonja of Ilorin who was the “Are Ona Kakanfo”, or chief military leader, of the Oyo Empire. It is rich in Yoruba poetics and relays how Afonja overthrew Alaafin Awole.

4. Oleku

Oleku Yoruba Movies

This is a love classic movie produced by Tunde Kelani. The movie inspired the fashion trend of short Aso Oke, Iro and Buba style named after it “Oleku”.

The lead actor, Ajani, is a final year student in search of soul mate. He has to choose one among the three ladies that are in his life ― Asake, Lola, and Sade.

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5. Owo Ẹ̀jẹ̀

OWO EJE - YouTube

Bisi’s boyfriend, Sule Igbira, was poisoned through food. To detect who is behind his death, she hired two private detectives, Akin Olusina Olofintoto and Tunde Atopinpin. The movie portrayed the professionalism and proficiency of the Nigerian Police.

Other Yoruba movies that are sure to give you nostalgia are;

  • Adepate
  • Irapada
  • Kodun Kopo Kope
  • Lepa Shandy
  • Koto Aye

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