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Super TV CEO Murder Suspect, Chidinma Turns Preacher: Stay Positive, Stay Close To God



Super TV CEO Chidinma

Chidinma Ojukwu, the University of Lagos student who was arrested for killing Super TV CEO Usifo Ataga, has asked people to stay positive, stay close to God, and don’t associate with anything negative.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with NTA, the seemingly remorseful Chidinma said that she killed Usifo Ataga because she needed his money which he was unwilling to part with.

According to Chidinma Ojukwu, she acted in self-defence as both of them were allegedly already high on drugs.

In the interview with NTA, Chidinma revealed that they met at a party through Usifo’s friend who was a boyfriend to one of her friends. The 21-year-old student who said that they slept together on their first date, said that she did not look forward to marrying the deceased Super TV CEO.

The UNILAG student who disclosed that they were both high when they got into a fight at the apartment they lodged, said she tied his hands while he was sleeping and stabbed him repeatedly before stealing his money “which was what she wanted”.

 She also disclosed that she fled with some of his items because she felt there will be a manhunt for her.

When asked why she never asked Usifo for money before stealing and also killing him, she said he had never agreed to give her money. According to her, they did not reach a financial agreement before they moved into the shortlet apartment.

She said that she was able to kill him after tying his hands while he was sleeping.

Friends and family of the late Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga, have however, disputed her claim saying that he didn’t smoke and was never on drugs.

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