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How to Find/Locate Your Android Phone Serial Number



First, why should you ever be bothered about your phone serial number? Well, we believe if you bought your phone brand new, it must have some form of warranty. There is no way you can claim this offer without your Serial Number.

In a simple sentence, a serial number is a unique set of numbers assigned to a specific phone. 

In case your phone dealer is asking for serial number to help track if your android phone is still qualified for warranty or free repair, here is how to locate it on your android device:

Android Phone Pack

Of course, your Android phone comes in a pack. Check the side of the pack. The serial number is written there. Wondering why such an important number is written there? We will note that later. However, do not think because it is written on the pack for everything to see, it is less important.

Android Phone Settings

Go to your Android phone settings. Scroll down to locate and select the About Phone button. The serial number should be displayed close to the button. 

Opening the Back Panel

If any or all of the options above seem to be out of reach, then consider opening your Android phone back panel. For Android phones with a removable battery, the Serial Number should be visible after the battery is removed. However, for those with an inbuilt battery, it should be written probably above the area occupied by the battery.

Despite the fact that anyone can see your Android phone serial number on the pack, it is important you safeguard it because it can be used to file a claim with your phone manufacturer without your consent. And once used, you may be unable to make use of your phone warranty afterwards.

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