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Why My Love Potions Can’t Help Ladies Get Obi Cubana- Jaruma



Popular Kayan Mata dealer and Nigerian sex therapist, Jaruma has issued a note of warning to those begging her to make potions to enchant Obi Cubana.

Jaruma said Obi Cubana is backed by spiritual protection, which negates the power of any love portion (Kayanmata).

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Jaruma had earlier divulged that millions of her followers have asked her to make Obi Cubana their man.

In a recent video, she noted that billionaires and wealthy men such as Obi Cubana do not operate without a spiritual backup which makes it difficult for Kayanmata products to work on them.

Sharing the video, she wrote:“You want the Billionaire Obi Cubana? Check out the level and the strength of his spiritual protection first.

“Obi Cubana has spiritual protection. My products won’t work on him.”

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