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Reasons Why You Should Urinate After Sex



Studies have shown that It’s always a good idea to pee after sex, particularly for women. Because women’s urethras are shorter than men’s, bacteria can enter easily and cause a urinary tract infection.

During sex, bacteria can find it’s way into the urethra, raising the chances of getting an infection.

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This it’s important to always pee after sex as peeing helps lessen the chances of a UTI.

Below are some reasons why you should urinate after sex:

Urinary tract infections

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that occurs in any area of the urinary system, such as the bladder, urethra, or kidneys. An infection of the urinary tract generally occurs when bacteria gets into your urinary tract through your urethra and starts multiplying in your bladder. If your urinary tract’s natural defences fail, bacteria can grow and cause an infection.

What to do if you don’t pee after sex

If you don’t need to pee but know you should, you may find it helpful to:

  • Drink more water: 

The more you drink, the more your bladder stretches. The more it stretches, the more likely you are to feel the urge to pee. Drinking a half or a whole glass of water right after sex may help get your bladder in gear.

  • Try audio or visual cues: 

Watching or listening to running water, for example, may help stimulate your bladder.

  • Sit on the toilet for a few extra minutes: 

Taking a few extra moments to yourself may encourage your bladder to relax and release its contents.

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