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Top Four Nigerian Fashion Creators On YouTube



Nigerian fashion creators youtube

YouTube has proven to be an important platform for Nigerian fashion creators to get noticed, grow their brand and reach an audience far beyond what traditional channels would typically allow for. We have the following top four fashion creators on YouTube.

Bilikis Signatures’

Bilikis Signatures’ has over 329K subscribers on her channel, which is dedicated to sharing fashion video tutorials for enthusiasts and designers. Visitors on the channel can learn everything from “How to make a bustier top with cups” to “How to work with fraying lining”, etc. Bilikis Signatures will inspire you if are an aspiring fashion designer.

Dami Dimension

Dami Dimension has over 239K subscribers and shares contents related to Ankara Styles, Aso Ebi, Nigeria Hair Styles, Kids Fashion, and much more. She updates her subscribers with new video on a weekly basis.

Cynthia A

 Cynthia A’s has 191K subscribers with sharing fashion related contents. Since launching in July 2011, Cynthia’s videos has been viewed more than 8 million times. The comprehensive video tutorials demonstrate everything from “How to make a circle cape dress”, to “How to make a pencil skirt with Ankara fabric”, “How to make a princess draft blouse” and many others.


E-Fashion World is one of Nigeria’s biggest fashion creator channels on YouTube with over 188K subscribers. It’s an all-encompassing platform that offers content around beauty and health in addition to fashion.

Since joining the channel in November 2016, e-Fashion World has become one of the foremost online fashion hubs in the country with a major focus on African print designs.

We also have a name like Debonke House of Fashion who has over 93.3K subscribers among the leading Nigerian fashion creators on Youtube.

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