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I Advised Annie To Work On Her Marriage With 2face- Pero



Pero baby mama of legendary Nigerian artist 2Face, has revealed what she told the wife of her baby daddy Annie some years back when they used to be cool.

In the heat of the brouhaha, Pero baby mama of 2Face who is currently in Abuja shared her truth and own side of the story to journalist Stella.

According to her, Annie Idibia knows she is not the issue in her marriage and will not break her marriage.

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According to Pero, she advised Annie in 2017 to try and work on her marriage and also try to be the good wife she can to 2Face. Pero emphasized that Annie knows she is the reason why her marriage is on the rock.

Pero also added that the rumors spread on social media about being with 2Face in the US were a lie because she has not spoken to him for four months now.

When asked what her relationship status was with Tuface, Pero had this to say;

“I had not even spoken to him for about four months before I was woken up with calls to go and see I am trending online because Annie mentioned that he had run off to stay with me in America. We don’t really talk and we are not friends. It is because of this same reason that I have stayed away from him.

The last time I saw Annie was in 2019 and I had a convo with her and advised her to try and be a good wife and work on making her Marriage work.

She knows I am not the issue in the marriage and I wonder why she would mention my name. She knows Tuface and I are not in contact because she keeps a tab on my activities from what I hear…

The truth is that I am too busy with my life and kids to be running after Tuface.

This dragging on the Internet and all these lies are uncalled for really.”

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