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Five Ways To Secure Your Bank Account



secure bank account

We are in the era of growing technology which comes with its advantages and disadvantages.  It is therefore important that you secure your bank account from hackers and fraudsters who move around looking for vulnerable persons.  

The most common way by which the bank account will be hacked is by obtaining the personal details of a person and further hacking his/her mail account. Also if you forget to sign out of your personal mail account there is a higher probability of being hacked.

Here are  five ways to secure your bank account

Constantly check account balance and details

To secure your bank account, always check your account balance and reviewing your monthly statement. If you note unusual activity, you can immediately, take further measures.

 Avoid posting pictures which contain your details

Never post pictures which contain your account details and personal information on any social media as this will esepcially secure your bank account if those details are linked to the account.

Don’t share your account details with others

Never share your personal account details over fake calls pretending to be bank or fake emails asking for details in the form of lottery winning. Many have lost a lot of money through fake calls asking for their Personal Identification Number, PIN.

Avoid using public network

Use applications that are available in the financial sector especially, which are provided by the banks to do every bank transactions on your mobile phones, and avoid using public networks.

Be observant when responding to mails

When you open or reply to any links that might seem to be an official one from the bank, proper observations must be carried out to ensure that you are at the right site and not replying to a trap. It is very important to secure your personal details as well.

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