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Six Benefits Of Night Shower



benefits of night shower

If you’re a morning shower, listen up. There might be more reasons to shower in the evening, based on science. Turns out, there are a few things that can happen to better your body when you shower at night. and not the first thing upon waking up. Plus, it can also affect how well you sleep, too, so you’ll feel more well rested the following day

Here are six  reasons you should actually turn the hot water on before bed, instead of before breakfast. Try it out for a week and see how your body feels.

 Prevents Acne

If you’re jumping into your sheets and laying your head down on the pillow with oil and sweat on your body from the day, it could lead to acne. So if you want to be free of Acne, practice shower at night.

 It Fights Seasonal Allergies

If you have seasonal allergies, like an allergy to pollen for instance, it can get on your skin and clothes and come back home with you from the outdoors. Unless you’re taking a nightly shower to get the residue off, it will get in your sheets and can make your symptoms worse, even as you sleep.

 It Promotes Relaxation

Based on science, warmth and heat can ease tension and anxiety, promoting relaxation, It may be mentally relaxing to end the day with a shower; the warmth can help you destress from a long day and bring on sleep.

 It Promotes Healthier Skin

“Growth hormones, for example, regulate how quickly your skin turns over. While, sex hormones impact the size of your sebaceous glands. Both hormones peak at night, so bathing at night removes any external stimuli from your skin’s surface, keeping your hormones in optimal balance. In other words, an evening shower gives your skin-favorable hormones the best opportunity to do their job.

To get germs off your pillow

Our hairs sometimes contain germs so if you go to sleep without washing your hair in the shower for too many nights in a row, it could make your bed contaminated and your face prone to acne.

Good for your hair

If you have to wash your hair at night, you can easily air dry it as you sleep, especially if you have curly hair. This helps lock in moisture and keeps you from getting sick (where you don’t need to go outside in the cold breeze with wet hair). You’ll wake up with softer, healthier hair, as well.


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