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Three Games That Can Be Better Played Online



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Nowadays there are hosts of ways you can play your favourite games. Nothing beats being in the company of friends and enjoying a classic gaming experience in person, but in certain circumstances alternative ways of playing may be the superior option. Below we take a look at three popular games and explore in what ways these may end up being best played online.


Chess has a long running history as a game associated with the development of strategic thinking and forward planning since its origins in ancient India, through its heyday in Medieval Europe, and right up to the present. Much of this benefit comes from finding players that are a good match for your ability, and who will push you to grow in skill. This can be difficult to achieve in your day to day life, as you may not know many people who play chess.

Word Games

This type of game, made popular by the classic Hasbro board game Scrabble, offers an enjoyable, relaxed and therapeutic gaming experience. Players who enjoy word games find great satisfaction in figuring out high scoring combinations, and in coming up with creative word choices. Scrabble, and similar word games, face a similar issue to the above titles insofar as in-person gaming requires the presence of an able and willing competitor.


Many people form connections over games like scrabble, and enjoy hanging out with specific friends while playing. Online word games, like the immensely popular Scrabble Go, offer many distinct advantages over in-person play. For example, many of these types of word games are played on Facebook’s in-house gaming platform. This lets Facebook’s billions of users play with one another, wherever they are in the world. Furthermore, Words with Friends is not time-bound in the same way an in-person game necessarily is.

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