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Man Killed Separating Fight Between Friend’s Wife And Girlfriend



Delta Police Pump Action

The Police in Zimbabwe have launched a manhunt for a middle-aged man, Brian Muripo after he allegedly killed his friend who had intervened to separate a quarrel between his wife and his girlfriend.

According to the police, Muripo and his friend John Makore were drinking when Mrs. Muripo and a girlfriend of the husband got entangled into a dispute that led to a fight.

Makore according to the reports intervened to separate the two ladies of his friend but Mr. Muripo apparently did not like the manner of intervention of his friend.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) while confirming the incident in a tweet, said: “Police are investigating a murder case in which John Makore (42) died whilst admitted at Karoi District Hospital on 20 December 2021, after he was struck with a wooden log on the head by the suspect, Brian Muripo at Buffallo Downs business centre on 19 December 2021 at midnight.”

The victim, who was drinking beer with the suspect, intervened to stop a fight between the suspect’s wife and girlfriend and was allegedly killed in the process of separating the two women.

The now deceased’s move to quell the commotion between his friend’s two women did not go well with Muripo, who felt his friend had interests in either his wife or lover.

The police have asked anyone with information on the whereabouts of the fleeing suspect to make such information available to the nearest police station.

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