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How To Handle Difficult Parents’ In-Law



parents in law

When you have a rocky relationship with your partner’s parents who are your prospective in-laws, it can put a big question mark on your relationship with your in-law. Indeed, it’s important to know the right way to handle things and ensure that it doesn’t damage your relationship with your partner.

Here are some tips to handle your relationship with your partner’s parents when they don’t like you.

Do little things to show them that you care.

Don’t walk into their home like you’re a guest walking into a hotel, or unfamiliar home. Offer to help them with cooking or setting the table or clearing and cleaning the dishes. 

Remember that you have an entire human being in common.

You both love your partner and try to bond over that love. Spend time checking out their childhood pictures and ask them to share funny stories. 

Don’t take most of their actions personal

They may not like you but they’re only what they think is best for their child. They’re doing whatever they’re doing out of concern and love for their child so try to not take everything they say or do personally. 

Learn to be patient

Understand that they don’t know you and may take time to understand you and warm up to you. Don’t try to rush things and learn to wait for the good things to happen. 

Respect your partner’s parent

To respect your partner’s parent t does not mean that you should let them get away with things. Stand up for yourself where it’s needed but do it politely and don’t make your partner choose sides. 

Understand that you cannot control things

Learn to let go of things and accept things as they come. Remember that relationships are a two-way street and they too need to do their bit.

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