Stella Damascus Bemoans Continuos Criticism Of Nollywood Movies


Stella Damascus Bemoans Continuos Criticism Of Nollywood Movies



Veteran Nollywood actress, Stella Damascus has expressed her dissatisfaction with the rate at which people condemn Nollywood movies saying it hurts her knowing that a lot of work goes into the production of such movies.

The actress stated this on her official Instagram handle where she shared a heartwarming video which shows how much work goes into Nollywood films.

Stella Damascus added that no Nollywood producer will waste time and money with the intention of making a bad film and therefore called on Nigerians to rather make their criticisms constructive instead of the hurtful negative statements.

“So I’ve gone online a couple of times and I hear people criticising the Nigerian movie industry, criticising our films and condemning it.”

“Not even constructive criticisms but really negative things and it hurts me because they think it is easy to get a bunch of people together, get crew, get cast, get them to different locations, shoot morning to morning, suffer.

“I don’t think anyone wants to waste time and money and intentionally make a bad film. We do our best with the little we have. We try, we push and that’s why we still have a thriving industry today, because of the hard work,” she wrote.

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