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Abuja-Kaduna Train Terrorists Have Spies Across The Country – Freed Medical Doctor



Prof Mustapha Umar Imam, one of the hostages of the Abuja-Kaduna train attack who regained freedom on Tuesday has revealed that the forest terrorists have spies across the country and in sensitive got has opened up on how terrorist gather information ahead of their planned attacks.

Imam, who narrated his experience while in captivity since his abduction on March 28, 2022, hinted that their abductors revealed to them that they have spies all over the country who feed them with sensitive information.

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According to him, he believed the terrorists’ claims considering how organized they are in the forest for four months.

Speaking in a video broadcast by Arise TV on Wednesday morning, Imam disclosed that the terrorists usually deliberate and plan each of the attacks they would launch and succeed.

He confirmed that the terrorist have moles working for them across the nation as they talked about classified information about the country.

Imam further disclosed that about two weeks ago the terrorist gave N10,000 each as allowance for supplies when they were in captivity, which another terrorist would go to get for them in the city.

He said: “They gave us N10,000 each for us to get things like soft drinks and milk, beverages, bread, and other supplies. This happened in the last two weeks. In terms of how organized they are, I advise that the government should take them very seriously because these people are highly organized.

“They do tell us that they have spies planted across the country and I believe them. We have heard them talk about things they shouldn’t know anything about. I want to believe that information comes from those spies and people they planted across the country. We actually heard them talk about attacks they wanted to carry out very openly. They said they can attack these places.”

And at times, some of these attacks come through. When we were in captivity, they spoke about serious attacks they were going to carry out, and when I came out, I heard they were involved in Kuje prison jailbreak and a few other attacks across the country. And like I said I want the government to really take them seriously,”  Imam said.

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