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Four Reasons You Must Shun Adultery With Married Women



adultery married women

Infidelity among couples accounts for over 50 percent of divorces and broken homes we have in most societies today and there are also special reasons why men must shun adultery with married women.

Many men and women who commit adultery do so without necessarily counting the cost of their action on their marriage and the society. Here are four reasons why you must shun adultery.   

Can break home

 By maintaining an affair with a married woman you put her in a position where she has less time and affection for marital vows, thereby undermining her commitment to her home.

Husband’s wrath

 There is hardly any man that would take infidelity lightly. And such a man is likely to go to any length to avenge his damaged ego. In such a case, it wouldn’t matter if she was the one that seduced you or not.

Emotional manipulation

Some married women through deceptive behaviours or lies would try to gain your sympathy and love into adultery by crying marital woes to you; how her husband mistreats her or how her in-laws are unfair to her.  It is only to manipulate you emotionally and put you in a tight spot.

Multiple sex partners

A married woman would also be getting intimate with her husband, so, by being in an affair with her, you run at a risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

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