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Things You Must Not Say To A Pregnant Woman



say pregnant woman

People seem almost unable to control themselves around pregnant women, and are likely to let at least one of the following slips. Here are seven things you shouldn’t say to a pregnant woman (but are likely to hear during your pregnancy):

I can’t believe how big you are

Most pregnant women don’t actually want to be reminded of how big they are on a regular basis. So don’t say words to remind a pregnant woman how big she is.

Are we having that for dinner again?”

Why, would you like to have something else for dinner? How about eating your delightful words ‘again and again and again and again’? Stuffed? You had rice for dinner yesterday, are having it today, and will have it for dinner tomorrow. Deal with it. And never use the word again, again.

What you’re hungry again?”

She might eat like a horse, sleep like a log and snore like a truck driver – SHE IS ENTITLED

This pregnancy is hard on me too

Are you getting nightmares thinking about the scars and stretch marks that pregnancy will leave on your body? You’re probably just mentally tired. But your wife is going through mental, emotional and physical stress! So don’t compare or say words as such to diminish the burden a pregnant woman is carrying.

Why are you crying now?

If your partner is crying, even if it seems silly to you, be nice to her. She’s not crying to ruin your night, she’s crying because she needs to. She’s hormonal, anxious and overwhelmed.

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