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Re: Adeleke’s Executive Orders



osun executive orders

Any action done in bad faith or amounting to gross illegality by an outgone regime, is liable to be set aside, as only a naive successor will allow an hostile and uncooperative predecessor set the agenda for his government.

For 12 years, no local government election was conducted by the APC. After losing the Governorship elections however, the outgoing administration rushed to conduct local government elections in violation of extant laws and with scant regard for decency, less than a month to leaving office.

In like manner, Permanent Secretaries who were not appointed for the 4 years of the former administration, miraculously surfaced in the twilight of the outgone government’s term of office when about 30 were appointed in one fell swoop, without any consultation with the incoming Governor.

Ebonyi state governement lodge Abuja

Also, Allegedly openly partisan and unpopular traditional rulers, including the State Chairman of the APC, were foisted on communities. This has regrettably led to civil unrest and loss of lives, case in point is the Ikirun riots.

Do we need a soothsayer to know that these actions are prima facie malicious and are land mines deliberately planted as part of a scorched earth policy to destabilize the new administration? Even if the new administration’s act of rescinding the appointments may be questioned legally (which is any party’s right to do so, but success in court is another thing entirely), they will surely pass the scrutiny of logic and common sense.

Opeyemi O. Adeyemi Esq.

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