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Anger As Keyamo Draws Biden Into Tinubu’s Chatham House Drama  




Anger was swelling up on Twitter on Wednesday after Festus Keyamo, SAN brought in US President Joe Biden to defend the decision by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to delegate questions asked him at the Chatham House lecture to members of his travelling party.

GWG.NG reports that controversy has dogged the decision of the APC presidential candidate to delegate questions asked him after his presentation to some members of his delegation.

Many in Nigeria have seen it as a continuation of the APC presidential candidate’s unwillingness to avail himself for debates and interviews in Nigeria.

Defending Tinubu on his Chatham House action late on Tuesday, Keyamo in a tweet posted a video which showed the moment President Biden during an interactive session at the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic called on Dr Anthony Fauci, the US top expert on infectious diseases to clarify a question posed to him.

Responding to Keyamo who is the spokesman of the Tinubu campaign council, many Nigerians took him to task on his comparison. However, there were a few who like Keyamo who saw nothing wrong with what Tinubu did.

GWG.NG gathered the following reactions:

David Eboh @DavidEboh5

Be aware that, PRESIDENT Joe Biden of USA called on the Medical Adviser to US President to answer questions abt Covid-19. But CANDIDATE Tinubu, job seeker for President of Nig. has no office & not in any position to delegate. Pple can’t answer his interview questions for him

Royalty MD @_iRoyalty_

Using COVID-19 response of Biden to push Tinubu disgracing himself as a presidential candidate. Lmao. Not even his birthday was out of it. Man needed to be reminded of his fake date of birth, everytime  Keyamo, you are a disgrace to DELTANS.

Dr Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed (STAN) #ObiDatti2023 @Naija_Activist

After he became a president. Stop being so ignorant Mr Keyamo. Is ur BAT the president of Nigeria?

Abdallah @Temi_tayour

People dont understand what it means to delegate roles and make your companions hv sense of belonging cos their leaders do not do such. It’s beyond them n they can’t appreciate kind gestures like that.I pray to b whre Tinubu will give me chance to spk. Its a rare gesture! LEARN

Real Deals.. @SamRealtor01

Haba Keyamo you are a SAN o, pls stop doing this to yourself. Comparing a sitting President in a middle of a pandemic to Presidential candidate seeking an election is the worse comparison ever. Damn!

FOA. @alagakemi

Even Boris Johnson did same. Some people are just lazy to find out what they don’t know.

Ogbonna Okpara @Idex_29

The two are very different stop shifting the goal post oga Keyamo. Biden was asked questions concerning the covid19 epidermic and he asked a doctor to answer it.

niyi moyede @niyi_n

Keyamo’s disappointing explanations always gets to a new high each time he speaks. Would it not be better if he just keeps quiet??

Nnaemeka Edeh @NnaemekaEdeh1

President Biden you mean? Bola Ahmed Tinubu is just a presidential aspirant, nothing more. How did you graduate as a lawyer? You defence amazes me,you don’t give a deep thought to your thinking before putting it forward.

SirOdue @Sirodue1

Did fauci help President Biden to answer economic questions when Biden was running for president of usa 

Eriobu Emmanuel Chebechukwu @EriobuEmmanuel

Thank you for the international disgrace

Jay @Gee_day

Osun mi menh! What’s the correlation there. That’s fauci specialist and he ought to take up the answer ofc.

Ainà Dipo  @dipoaina1

Delegating questions during campaign season or when elected into office might seem alien to people who support candidates with dictatorial tendencies.

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