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Tips To Survive A Workaholic Spouse



Marriage mistakes of women

Research has shown that marriages in which at least one spouse is a workaholic are twice as likely to end in divorce as with couples who always have the time to stay together.  Here are ways to survive a spouse that is married to work.

Stop helping

Break the cycle by sticking to a normal schedule–make workaholics think about what they’re missing. Rescheduling family plans to accommodate the workaholic would help out, but stick to the time of doing things.

Don’t nag

Avoid dark pronouncements like you don’t even care about your family,  or you are selfish. These words help to aggravate the matter.  Use soft words to express your discomfort with the condition. 

Understand your spouse’s job

Understanding the nature of your spouse’s job will help you to know why he or she gets satisfaction with the job.  Workaholics should understand their spouses’ joys and pressures, too.

Meet co-workers

It’s hard to have empathy for a workaholic if you don’t know who she works with every day. Husbands and wives entertain their spouse’s coworkers, employees or bosses.  Doing that will help to have some sort of interaction with the work environment so you can bridge the gap,

Prioritize social events

While there may be multiple social events couples may want to attend together, it is important for a workaholic for the benefit of the spouse to prioritize the ones that are necessary and important. 

Make plan and always reassess

Couples who are overwhelmed with workaholics should draw a plan of their activities which must always be reassessed from time to time.  

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