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Missing Teacher’s Body Found Inside Concrete Coffin He Made



The body of a missing teacher who allegedly vanished on December 22, 2022, was discovered inside his residence In Ihururu village, Nyeri County, Kenya inside a concrete coffin.

The police discovered the body of Joseph Gathogo, a 45-year-old Muhoya Secondary School teacher, inside the rental home at Ihururu Shopping Center.

The teacher is thought to have put himself inside a coffin that he allegedly created before consuming a known poison. Near the boat-like building were a bouquet of flowers, a black flag and scrolls with strange writings, and a cow horn.

Ebonyi state governement lodge Abuja

Joseph Gathogo Njambi, 45, was found dead inside the concrete coffin with plywood and a black flag by his landlord in the one-room residence.

Gathogo, who had been a tenant of his for 19 years, was last seen on December 19, 2022, according to his landlord Kariuki Njama.

“On December 19 of last month, when we last saw Gathogo, his phone was off. Until his mother came looking for him on January 1, I assumed he had returned home for the holiday” he observed

When they were still unable to locate him, Njama notified the Ihururu police station about the situation of his missing tenant. As time passed, he began to have suspicions about the tenant’s home after hearing other tenants complain about a bad stench emanating from Gathogo’s home. He promptly reported the incident to the authorities.

“When the police arrived, they entered the residence and discovered a concrete coffin holding the deceased’s decaying remains. There were also several substances present. Many inquisitive locals came around to get a view of the homemade casket. It was clear that the unidentified poison he had consumed stank.

“The coffin was made of concrete but covered with plywood, and there was a black flag on which were written and drawn enigmatic symbols that could not be deciphered. I have never seen anything like it before. It’s shocking beyond belief,” Njama stated.

Gathogo was characterized by villagers as being very quiet, having no guests over to his house, but being devoted to his profession.

“In the 19 years he has been my tenant, I have never seen any guests or friends to his residence. He enjoyed politics and was a tranquil person. He recalled that he frequently met with his coworkers at the Ihururu shopping mall.

The landlord saw that Gathogo remained to himself most of the time, did not attend church, and had no girlfriends that he was aware of. Njama remembered that this was not the first time he had vanished.

“There was a time when he turned off his phone and was absent for two weeks during the Covid-19 pandemic. Gathogo was discovered in the house unharmed despite the school reporting him missing, he claimed. His friend and coworker, Mr. Zachary Muthiri, described him as a cheerful individual who was a dedicated teacher’s assistant who was never quick to get angry and enjoyed politics.

Friends express horror how Missing Teacher’s body was found inside concrete coffin

Muthiri expressed horror at his friend’s passing and suggested that he might have been a member of a certain cult. Tetu Subcounty Police Chief Phillip Mwania confirmed the occurrence, saying that the deceased’s family had discovered that he had been gone for a week and had chosen to check on him at home.

“When the relatives arrived at his home in company with the police, they encountered a terrible scent and a closed door. When they broke down the door, they discovered that their loved one was dead inside his makeshift coffin. He claimed that the search began after the relatives of Gathogo, who appeared agitated, told authorities that he had been visiting their home in Ngangarithi village before abruptly stopping.

“His relatives told us that he had his own problems before he died, but they never imagined he would commit suicide. We are trying to find out more information,” said Mwania. As DCI officials investigated the area, his body was brought to the morgue at Nyeri County Referral Hospital.

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