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5 Parts Of Your Body You Often Forget To Wash



When people take their bath, they forget to wash some parts of their body. It could be as a result of where these parts or located or lack of time. 

Failure to wash these parts of the body could result in foul smell.

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Here are five parts of your body you aren’t washing well;

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Belly button

The best way to wash your belly button to use soap, water and a washcloth.

You could also clean the belly button with an alcohol solution or salt water.

If you feel you’ve got discharge, pus, pain, redness, inflammation, swelling, or other things like an odour that doesn’t go away, you’ve got to see a doctor because you may have an infection that needs further treatment.


The second area many don’t wash enough is behind the areas.

The top of the ears, the back and also the lobe. It is advisable to specifically wash that area. If you rub your ears and you smell it and it’s gross, you haven’t washed it recently.


Make sure you wash or rather scrub underneath your fingernails.


Some persons do not really wash their legs with soap. They just rinse off with water. It’s important you wash your legs carefully.


People often forget to clean their toes.

Get in between those toes and make sure you’re washing them.

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