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$12.7m Mysteriously Disappears From Usain Bolt’s Savings Account



Olympic Sprinter Usain Bolt Has $12.7 Million Mysteriously Missing From His Jamaican Account

Eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt has announced that $12.7million got missing from an investment account he had with Stocks & Securities Limited, SSL, an investment firm based in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Associated Press reported the development on Wednesday, citing a copy of a letter that Bolt’s attorneys sent the firm requesting the return of the money.

Bolt’s lawyers told the AP that Bolt once had $12.8 million in that account, but it now has just $12,000. Bolt’s lawyers asserted that it would be a major crime against their client and demanded that the money be returned.

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‘If this is correct, and we are hoping it is not, then a serious act of fraud or larceny or a combination of both have been committed against our client,’ Bolt’s attorneys say in the letter.

Usain Bolt first discovered that the funds were missing on January 11, according to a report from Jamaica’s English newspaper, The Gleaner.

“We understand that clients are anxious to receive more information and assure you that we are closely monitoring the matter throughout all the required steps and will alert our clients of the resolution as soon as that information is available,” the Investment Firm wrote on its website.

Bolt’s lawyers sent the letter on Monday, the same day that Jamaica’s Financial Services Commission announced it was appointing a special auditor to look into fraud allegations at Stocks & Securities Limited, which is based in the capital of Kingston.

Bolt, is the brand ambassador of PUMA and was roughly compensated $10 million annually during his running days.  Despite retiring five years ago, the sports apparel brand still pays the 36-year-old about $4 million per year for wearing its clothing.

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